Dr. Sohom Das discusses the prevalence of mental illness and the difficulty of distinguishing between 'mad' and 'bad' when it comes to criminal culpability.
James Fallon, a neuroscientist, discusses the traits of psychopaths and how they can be identified. He explains that 1% of all cultures are full blown categorical clinical psychopaths, but there are probably 5% of people who are borderline, and have the traits. He also explains that there are many different sub-types of psychiatric disorders, and that it is important to get the right treatment for each individual.
Thomas Erikson discusses how to protect yourself from psychopaths. He explains how psychopaths will attempt to isolate their victims by turning them against their friends, nitpicking their behavior, and making them dependent on the psychopath.
Randolph Nesse discusses how evolutionary biology can be used to study abnormal psychology. He explains how Einstein defined crazy and how doctors should distinguish symptoms from diseases.