Jordan talks about how to avoid financial scams and the importance of being vigilant and seeking help if you find yourself in a dangerous situation. He also emphasizes the need to check in with yourself and ask for advice from people who don't always agree with you before making any decisions.
Winston Sterzel explains the tea house scam, a financial scam specifically meant to take advantage of tourists. He explains how it works and how to avoid it.
Frank Abagnale discusses the various financial scams that are out there and how to protect yourself from them. He explains that there are two red flags to look out for when it comes to scams: someone asking for money or information.
Maria Konnikova discusses the psychology behind financial scams and shares a story of a date who got scammed in Washington Square in Manhattan.
Steve Rambam, a private investigator, talks about how fraudsters use people's desperation to scam them out of money. He also talks about how there are sucker lists that scammers use to target people who have already been taken.