Russell Brand talks about how to find freedom from addiction. He suggests that having a spiritual awakening and being connected can help guard against destructive decisions.
Dr. Khoddam suggests an acronym called DEADS (Delay, Escape, Avoid and Accept, Distract, Substitute) to help with addiction. He also recommends SMART recovery meetings, which are free and open to anyone.
Jason DeFilippo and Jordan Harbinger discuss how to support a friend suffering from addiction. They suggest visiting the friend in rehab and letting them know that people outside their family care about them and are thinking of them.
Gabriel Mizrahi and Jordan Harbinger discuss how to overcome addiction. They suggest seeking therapy and talking to employers to get the support needed for recovery.
Dr. Rubin Khoddam, clinical psychologist, founder of COPE Psychological Center and psychologist in the west LA VA healthcare system, explains that addiction is often a symptom of a deeper problem, such as PTSD. He recommends seeking out the VA's resources, such as the domiciliary residential rehabilitation treatment program, outpatient substance use treatment program, and trauma recovery services, to help manage the opioid/heroin withdrawal and treat the PTSD.