Yuriy Matsarsky, a soldier in Kyiv, Ukraine, shares his experience of the war effort against the Russian military. All ad revenue from this episode will be donated to help support the people of Ukraine.
Peter Zeihan discusses the current war in Ukraine and how it has changed the national identity of the country. He also predicts that the war will generate at least 10 million refugees and require at least a couple million Russian soldiers to occupy the place.
Ian Bremmer discusses the power of crisis to change the world, with a focus on the Ukraine War. He explains how quiet diplomacy facilitated a deal between the Russians and Ukrainians, allowing the export of food and fertilizer to the poorest countries in the world.
Yuriy Matsarsky talks about the trenches and preparations for a trench war in Kyiv, Ukraine, in case of a Russian invasion. He also talks about the people's determination to protect their capital and the guerrilla war they are preparing for. To hear more about the situation on the ground, check out episode 638 of The Jordan Harbinger Show.