Daniel Pink explains that regret is an emotion that is cognitively complex and has been maintained over our evolution for a reason. He believes that regret can be used as a force for forward progress.
Susan David explains how our thoughts blend with our emotions to make them easier to sort. This is an evolutionary adaptation that can lead to feelings of regret when we don't act on our thoughts.
Dan Ariely explains that rationalization and personalization are two of the main reasons why we feel regret. He also discusses how cost-benefit analysis is used in legislation, such as the death penalty.
guest Todd Kashdan explains the difference between guilt and shame and why guilt is a useful emotion. He explains that guilt helps shape behavior that is good for us and good for society, while shame makes us dislike ourselves and can lead to isolation.
Mark Manson explains that feeling regret is a natural response to a negative event and that it can be used to motivate us to take action and change something in our lives.